Often when people look at addiction, they over complicate it, believe that there is no cure, ignore the subconscious or simply bully people about their addiction. In my experience, there are only 4 emotional triggers that need to be attained to cure anybody from addiction. Physical addiction is cured simply by the absence of the drug. Yes there can be withdrawal symptoms; however, they are also cured by the absence of the drug. The same goes for habits. Once people have learned to live a life without the drug, their rituals, rewards, relaxation and relationships all take a new form. The only 4 emotional triggers that need to be fixed are; Achievements, Breathing Space, Connections and Discovery (ABCD).


Do you have the feeling that you are getting enough done? Do you feel that you lack performance?

We all have a need for achievement in our lives. When we lack achievement, we look for it elsewhere. Often this comes in the form of performance drugs or escapism drugs.

Breathing Space

Do you have the space to think for yourself or the breaks to recharge and to re-set?

Do you find yourself saying things like: “I never have the time or space. I’m always behind the 8 ball.” There’s no substitute for sleep and rest and actually turning the pressure down. It takes courage to actually take time out to refresh, while an ongoing relationship issue, financial issue or health issue keeps popping up.


Are you lacking emotional support? Are you being bullied or neglected in any way?

We all need people in our lives. In fact, much of the new research into substance abuse confirms that relationships or lack of positive connections are at the root of addictive behaviour.


Are you stale, bored or uninspired by life? Do you need a change of scenery, routine or mind set? Are you jaded and need to be heard before you can take in new information again?

People become blind to what they see and hear every day. We are driven for variety. When you lack variety in your life, that is when some will seek substance abuse to create variation in their feelings.

Then there is the Stuck Zone which consists of 4 elements.

Confused = There isn’t clear on their big picture 12 month plan. They also spend time on low value tasks or make it up as they go.

Overwhelmed = Are you stressed because of the fear failure or lack appropriate boundaries around your own down time.

Lonely = Are you not feeling safe or loved. When you lack the emotional confidence to let new people into your life, you may find that you keep putting up a wall to create the illusion of safety.

Bored / Jaded = Are you stuck in a routine that isn’t feeding their need for novelty or creativity.

By addressing the 4 emotional triggers that need to be fixed are; Achievements, Breathing Space, Connections and Discovery (ABCD) and the 4 elements of the Stuck Zone, then you can really address what is behind an addiction.