10 Tips for the success of your New Years Resolutions

10 Tips to Keep Your 2017 New Year Resolution

Typically New Years Resolutions include the desire to lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more, improve health and looks, improve relationships, and to make or save more money. 

Here are 10 tips to help you reach any goal.

#1 - Realize you have a choice to change. Decide to change and then put lots of emotions into your decision. This is otherwise known as “Psyching Yourself Up!

#2 - Create a written plan with a specific, measurable, attainable, timely realistic goal. Add images of what you want, how you want to be to your plan.  Ensure that your goal straightforward, such as resolving to lose 10 pounds (just ‘lose weight’ is too vague); or to eliminate all sweet drinks (this includes fruit juice, diet soda or even lattes), to walk Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday or to improve a relationship by starting/ending the day with a positive comment for your mate.

#3 - Be accountable by making a verbal commitment to a few people OR post a live video on Facebook and ask for support from your social community.

#4 - Enlist in the help of a professional, join a self-improvement class, attend a Meetup group, read a book or listen to a self-hypnosis recording.

#5 - Be positive, and think “I can do this.” Have an intensely focused mind set on what you want to do, not what you don’t want to do! For example, instead of thinking of not smoking/eating sugar/drinking sweet beverages, focus on deep breathing, the benefits of your new behaviours, or drinking more clean cool water.

#6 – Locate people who have done what you want to do and then model them. International motivational speakers Tony Robbins & Bob Proctor are big advocates of this tip.

#7 - Reward yourself for small steps towards success, such as a manicure, when you stop smoking or quit drinking expensive coffee beverage for a week. With the money you saved from your smoking or sweet drink habit, you will easily afford new experiences/things or just save money for what you really want.

#8 - Several times a day, read a card with your motivational reasons and benefits for new lifestyle decision.  Make a copy and have one on your mirror, and carry one with you and read when waiting/traveling somewhere. Reading this card just before you fall asleep strongly influences your subconscious mind all night long.

#9 - Keep a Daily Journal to evaluate and improve your plan for success. People wanting to quit smoking or lose weight often say “I messed up” or “I blew it” when in reality they did really well. If you eat well for 8 days out of 10, that’s an 80% success rate! Recognize the positive - that’s a terrific result! Consider setbacks as learning experiences and know that you only fail at a goal, if you don’t get back on track.

#10 - Sometimes it is best to focus all your mental energy on one major goal at a time, one step at a time.  Persistence leads to success. Reinforcing your goal with viewing images (a vision board) and reading motivational message cards are both excellent techniques.  Also use self-hypnosis audio recordings.

I assist people in achieving their goals/dreams/desire with hypnosis. Hypnosis enables people to tap into the power of their mind and create the change they want. By programming the subconscious mind with new positive self-beliefs, increased self-love, and heightened confidence, people are more likely to succeed with their desired goal(s). Once you learn this technique, you can transfer it to all areas of your life. For more information on hypnosis, Flourish Hypnosis Seminars, self-hypnosis audio recordings, eBooks, and other helpful tips, visit www.FlourishHypnosis.com