Why willpower is not enough when trying to quit smoking

Why willpower is not enough when trying to quit smoking.

The desire to smoke feeds the craving to smoke, not the other way around! 

Change the way you think and feel about smoking, and you too will be a non-smoker.

Nicotine plays a trick on our brain, it makes the smoker believe that the cigarette helps them relax, deal with stress or stay thin. But that is not true is it? If that was true, then ALL smokers would be relaxed, calm and noticeably the thinnest group of people on this planet.  So why do smokers keep smoking even when they say they want to quit?  

Trying to quit smoking while continuing to believe that a cigarette is the reason why you are able to relax, deal with stress and refrain from giving into food cravings is like telling pushing water up a rope, which is almost impossible to do.

Just imagine not trying to think about a red cat, a red cat in a red tree. What did you just conjure up in your mind – a red cat in a red tree, correct?  Telling yourself not to have a cigarette is just like that. Every time you think about NOT having a cigarette, you think that you WANT a cigarette. Sound familiar? Personal willpower is no match for the inner conflicts that rages inside a smokers mind.

The drug nicotine is not your friend; but it is ONLY one of the reasons why you can’t get off the merry-go-round.  Have you every slept through the night? Then you were a non smoker, not even thinking about a cigarette during this period of time. Wouldn’t it be nice to live your life not thinking about your next cigarette?

So what is a smoker to do?

Smokers are well aware of the health risks and expense of smoking, yet still they smoke. It’s a smoker’s belief system that creates the desire to smoke.  Once the beliefs are exposed and changed, the habit of smoking can be broken.  When you truly believe that there is nothing to give up, that is when you become the non-smoker. The change is immediate with no cravings, no withdrawal symptoms or increase in weight. You will be completely drug free within 48 hours but feeling better immediately.

Why do smokers who quit sometimes return to smoking?  Because they did not use different tools & techniques to cope with life’s stresses.  By learning and incorporating new physical, mental and nutritional techniques a person can remain smoke free the rest of their life.

All smokers deep down want to be a non smoker and those that don’t are lying to themselves.  Do they really enjoy forking over money, smelling of smoke, destroying their body all for something that they are a slave to?  Perhaps you have tried to quit in the past and are afraid to fail again. What to do?  You try again but this time you give yourself more tools to succeed.  By focusing on physical, mental and nutritional techniques learned during a smoking cessation program, you will be once again. Thousands of people have become non smokers using the technique explained in the free report written by the author of this article.

You have the ability to be a non-smoker.  Why wait any longer? Go to www.TheStopSmokingLady.com to get your stop smoking report.  

Written by Helena Jehnichen, CHt