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"I help people who are in emotional & physical pain attain their health and relationship goals with the use of my advanced hypnosis techniques" 

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Do hypnotherapists have special powers?
 My knowledge is learnt through specialized training. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapist Association. I love to help and work with people, which plays a huge role in my success as a hypnotherapist.

Is hypnotism for the weak-minded?
A: Nearly everyone is able to participate in hypnotherapy; however those who are able to relax easier, can concentrate more and think positively are known to be very easy to work with for hypnotherapists.

When I’m in a hypnotic trance, can I get stuck and not wake up?
A: Hypnosis is a natural state to be in, so it is impossible to get stuck in; you have the same chance to get stuck in hypnosis as you would getting stuck in a daydream.

Will I be put to sleep or made unconscious when being hypnotized?
A: You are fully aware of your surroundings the whole time you’re in hypnosis. Everyone experiences hypnotherapy different; however you are awake and relaxed during the whole session. Normally when you enter the deep state of hypnosis your body can fall asleep but your mind will still be awake and aware.

After the session, will I forget everything that happened?
A: Your mind is fully aware the whole time, everything that has happened will be stored in your sub-conscious mind, allowing you never to forget anything.

Will I tell you my secrets unwillingly?
A: While in hypnosis you are relaxed but aware of what you say and do. You choose to share or not share. Sometimes the client doesn’t even have to speak as signals can be given via ideomotor responses. All healing is done in the mind and it is not necessary for the hypnotherapist to know all the details – they are helpful but not necessary.

What is Hypnosis good for?
A. By using hypnosis and other complimentary techniques we are able to release unwanted and sometimes hidden feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety and frustration. Hypnosis is great for releasing weight, quitting smoking, building confidence, reducing stress, resolving sleep issues, removing fears & phobias, breaking bad habits or any number of other issues.

Why “Will Power” Is Not Enough
Do you say to yourself, “I know I want to make more money/exercise more/drink less/be a nonsmoker/eat healthier/have confidence”? But then do you hear a voice in your head saying things such as, “It is safer if I don’t change jobs, I have no time to exercise, I actually really like smoking, I want to eat and drink whatever I want, when I want and how much I want.” There is a contradiction in our thinking on a subconscious level. This is why “willpower” and motivational book reading is not always successful. Hypnosis works so well because it works with the subconscious to find out what is really going on and then the issue can be resolved.

How does Hypnosis work?
A: All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. That is because while you can be given positive suggestions for change, in order for that change to occur, you must accept those suggestions and make them your own. All suggestions that you accept become self-suggestions.

Hypnosis is a relaxing, naturally occurring state of mind which happens to us every day; each time we read a captivating novel, float off in a daydream, are driving and wonder how we got to our destination without actual thought about it, or see an engrossing movie, we are in a natural state of hypnosis.  Hypnosis, which is a naturally occurring process, is medically approved by the American Psychiatric Association and the British Medical Association as a viable therapeutic tool.

During hypnosis, the physical body and conscious mind are in a relaxed state while the subconscious mind remains in a heightened state of suggestibility. Hypnosis is an education-communication process to a person’s mind that allows the conscious and subconscious minds to agree.

Hypnosis is an amazing technique which assists you with taking control of your life.

The conscious mind is your “waking” mind and is what gives awareness to the things you focus on and helps you make decisions.

The conscious mind is thought to be able to deal with between 5-9 bits of information at a time. However, recent research has shown it may be much more limited than this, and only be able to handle 1 or 2 bits of information depending on their complexity. It’s the “here and now” mind that makes decisions, plans, helps you to take action and keeps you safe. The unconscious mind handles everything else.