Self Hypnosis Audio Recordings

Interested in Self Hypnosis?
Want to change your habits and or behaviours?
One of the best ways is through the process of Self Hypnosis. 
Choose from anyone of the titles below and be on your way to a new beginning.

Find a quiet place that you can relax undisturbed for the next few minutes. Put on your stereo headphones, press play and enjoy the 12 minute recording.

This free self hypnosis recording will assist you in achieving your chosen goal. Allow yourself to be open and curious, as you listen to the hypnotic suggestions. Your subconscious mind will do the change work for you, while your conscious mind relaxes.

For best results, listen to this recording everyday for 2 weeks & then when ever you want to reinforce the positive changes you have created. By following this suggestion, you will greatly increase the speed of attaining your desired goal. Some people achieve their goal right away, while others will notice positive changes in their behaviours the more frequently they listen.

Overcome Insomnia

Are you worried about getting a good night sleep? Is your quality of sleep suffering? Are you tired all day and up all night? Is sleep effecting your health, your life, your relationships? Ready for a good night sleep? Want to fall asleep easily?

THEN TAP INTO THE POWER OF YOUR MIND and get the rest the that you want.

Stop Biting your nails

Embarrassed of the state of your finger nails?
Want to be free of having your hands in your mouth? Had enough people tell you to stop biting your nails? Do you want to stop biting your nails easily?

TAP INTO THE POWER OF YOUR MIND and get control of this habit by downloading & listening to this self hypnosis audio recording