4 Week INPERSON GROUP Weight Release Program


4 Week INPERSON GROUP Weight Release Program

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Do you know someone who wants to release some excess weight?
Perhaps you or they are already on a weight management program BUT they are having a hard time keeping to the plan?

Imagine if it became EASY to keep to a weight release plan?

So why is it is so hard? Because your MINDS are not on board. MINDS? Yes MINDS. We know that we have a conscious mind and we may think that's the mind that is in-charge BUT it is actually the subconscious mind that is in control. Your subconscious is in control of your beliefs, habits, emotions, memories. It is aware of hidden and secondary gains. So once both MINDS are working together, it becomes EASY to make a decision and stick to that decision.

In the group hypnosis weight release program, you will experience a virtual gastric band procedure. With this procedure you will find yourself feeling fuller faster and sticking to your PLAN. By accessing the Subconscious Mind with hypnosis we are able to change beliefs, resolved hidden and know emotional triggers and create new habits RAPIDLY.

Group hypnosis sessions are safe, fun and informative.

Various start dates and times to suit your schedule.

Minimum group size is 3 people, maximum size is 6 people. Sessions are about 1 hour long.
Group Weight Release Virtual Gastric Band Sessions. You will experience hypnosis and the installation of a Virtual Gastric Band around your stomach making it the size of a golf ball. You will choose 1 food or beverage that you would never again like to eat. You will find yourself drinking about 2 liters a day, you will eat more slowly and consciously allowing your mind to receive the message that you are full and satisfied. You will be provided with self hypnosis support audios for in between sessions.   We will ensure that ALL parts of your mind are on board with releasing weight making sure that: You believe you can release those extra pounds and that you are committed your own success regardless of the time of year or situation(s).

Private hypnotherapy sessions are also available to help resolve deeper emotional issues such as abuse, abandonment, mistrust, procrastination, resentment, shame, guilt and anger.

Location: Valley View Centre, Cobble Hill
Choose your start date and then you are show up for any of the class times on your class day.

Start Date: Wednesday February 27th
Your Choice of Class Times: 7:30 am or 6 pm

Location: Flourish Hypnosis Office, #41 Valley View Centre, 1400 Cowichan Bay Rd, Cobble Hill V0R 1L0

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Tap into the power of your mind & deal with the emotions that are eating you. With this 8 week program you will not only eat smaller portions for food, you will also identify, shift & release negative emotions associated with your excess weight.