Smoking Cessation / Quit Smoking

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"I specialize in helping clients who need to escape the pain and suffering of smoking"

Quit Smoking in one 2.5 hour session with no cravings & no withdrawal symptoms!

By using a special Neurological Process and Hypnosis, you will be smoke free before you leave the office. You will know & feel it. 

I offer a Lifetime Guarantee & for any reason if a client finds themselves either craving or smoking a cigarette, they can book a FREE back up session.

My process has a 90-95% success rate and used been used with over 5000 successful clients.  



  • Discover the truth about why you smoke.
  • Discover your unconscious reasons for smoking. They might surprise you!
  • Learn how to respond to future opportunities to smoke.
  • Change how you automatically react to normal smoking situations. During your hypnosis session you will learn how to respond as a non smoker in the same smoking situations. 
  • Learn craving buster techniques. Remember after 48 hours there is no more nicotine left in your system. So its not this chemical that is causing your craving.  It’s something else. One problem perpetuated by the media and companies is that nicotine withdrawal is your major obstacle but that is not true in all cases.  There are greater forces wI specialize in clients who need to escape the pain and suffering of smokingorking against you and they are all in your mind! This is why hypnosis is so beneficial in assisting a smoker to become a non smoker.

At the end of our 2.5 hour session together you will BE a non smoker. 95% of my clients leave the office never to light up! They can enjoy their life as a non-smoker.  

My commitment to you!

I have so much confidence in methods I use, that I provide a lifetime guarantee on my services.  Very infrequently a smoking cessation client finds themselves resuming smoking, whether it is a day or a year down the road, all you have to do is book a backup session - free of charge. I can offer this guarantee because 95% of my clients never ever has a craving, withdrawal symptoms or the need to ever smoke again. I am invested in your success! After all, I depend on my clients to tell others, about their amazing success.  

There is so much hype surrounding smoking cessation that I want to be absolutely clear and transparent.  While NO ONE or NO PROCESS can absolutely guarantee changes in human behaviour, I offer a service guarantee that goes far beyond what the drugs, patches, pills and even most highly credentialed health care professionals offer. You deserve to be smoke free. So there is only one question left - when do you want to be SMOKE FREE?